Joint statement on the all-weather comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Belarus

2023-12-28 18:40


Joint Statement of the People's Republic of China and the Republic of Belarus on Further Developing the Two Countries' All weather Comprehensive Strategic Partnership in the New Era

  The two heads of state held talks in a warm and friendly atmosphere, exchanging in-depth views on cooperation in various fields and international and regional issues of common concern between China and Belarus, and reached broad consensus.

Both sides highly evaluate the fruitful achievements of cooperation and development in various fields since the establishment of diplomatic relations 31 years ago. They unanimously believe that the joint announcement by the two heads of state on September 15, 2022, in Samarkand, to establish the China Belarus all-weather comprehensive strategic partnership is of milestone significance. The relationship between the two countries has achieved a historic leap and become a model of new international relations. Based on the high level of cooperation between the two countries, in order to better benefit the two countries and their peoples, both sides agree to make the following statement on further developing the all-weather comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries in the new era:

  Promote the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in an all-round way with Chinese path to modernization.

The Chinese side highly appreciates the significant achievements made by the Republic of Belarus in national development and construction since its independence, respects the Belarusian people's choice of a development path that is in line with their national conditions, and reiterates its support for the policies and measures taken by the Belarusian leaders and their government aimed at maintaining national stability and development.

2、 Both sides emphasize that mutual firm support on issues related to each other's core interests is the cornerstone of the stable development of China Belarus relations.   China supports Belarus in its efforts to maintain political stability and economic development, and opposes external forces interfering in Belarus's internal affairs under any pretext.

Both sides unanimously believe that it is necessary to start from the actual situation of our country, explore a path of democracy and human rights development that meets the needs of the people, and firmly oppose the practice of double standards in democracy and human rights issues, and the use of democracy and human rights issues to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.

Both sides express serious concerns about the practice of restricting the sovereign right of other countries to independently choose political, economic, and social development directions in accordance with recognized principles of the United Nations Charter.

Both sides emphasize the importance of working together to resist illegal unilateral restrictive measures and pressure on sovereign and independent countries.

3、 Both sides agreed to further leverage the coordinating role of the China Belarus intergovernmental cooperation committee, promote comprehensive development of cooperation in various fields between China and Belarus, and plan to hold the fifth meeting of the committee within this year.

Both sides welcome the expansion of direct contacts between government departments of the two countries and the promotion of resolving urgent issues in bilateral cooperation.

4、 The two sides are jointly committed to deepening comprehensive cooperation within the framework of jointly building the "the Belt and Road", continue to promote trade facilitation between the two countries, release the potential of cross-border transport such as China EU trains, and steadily increase the scale of bilateral trade. Both sides agreed to continuously expand mutual investment and promote cooperation between the industry and financial institutions.

Both sides will carry out practical cooperation in the financial field on the basis of marketization, autonomy, and rule of law, expand the use of local currencies in bilateral trade and investment and financing, support financial institutions to actively cooperate, further improve the level of financial services, and promote bilateral economic and trade development.

Both sides will prioritize expanding mutual direct investment, conducting high-tech industry cooperation, promoting business cooperation between enterprises, and encouraging entrepreneurship.

Both parties have concluded negotiations on the main provisions of the draft text of the Agreement on Trade in Services and Investment between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of Belarus, and initiated market access negotiations.

On the basis of equality and mutual benefit, both sides will carry out industrial cooperation between the two countries based on market principles, promote the upgrading and transformation of traditional industries in Belarus, strengthen cooperation between enterprises in components, raw materials, etc., leverage China's advanced technological advantages, and carry out joint production.

Both sides will be committed to promoting the active expansion of trade exchanges between departments and enterprises of the two countries.

Both sides emphasize the importance of agricultural product production and supply, and will continue to support the mutual export of high-quality agricultural products from China and Belarus to each other's countries.

Both sides will jointly promote the high-quality development of the China Belarus Industrial Park, transforming it into an international cooperation project and a Minsk satellite city. China encourages large domestic production enterprises and high-tech enterprises to settle in industrial parks.

Both sides emphasize the importance of carrying out traditional Chinese medicine cooperation projects in the China Belarus Industrial Park, including attracting new enterprises and other institutions in the field of traditional Chinese medicine to participate in cooperation.

Both sides emphasize the necessity of further developing human resources in the China Belarus Industrial Park, encourage willing and capable universities from both countries to independently and orderly carry out industry university research exchanges and cooperation with the park, and provide high-quality talent guarantee for enterprises in the new technology field.

Both sides are willing to further implement the Memorandum of Understanding on Bilateral E-commerce Cooperation signed by relevant departments of the two countries, actively carry out cooperation in the field of digital economy, encourage the development of e-commerce, and jointly promote the implementation of China's global data security initiative.

Both sides agree to strengthen mutual communication and cooperation, accelerate the implementation of ongoing projects such as national football fields and international standard swimming pools, and explore the implementation of more development cooperation projects.

Both sides support the continuation of the China Belarus Local Cooperation Year in 2023, and welcome relevant regions such as Tianjin, Chongqing, and Qingdao in Shandong Province to deepen economic and trade cooperation with Belarus.

Both sides welcome Belarus to establish a Consulate General in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, which includes the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the Macau Special Administrative Region.

5、 Both parties will take measures to strengthen transportation and logistics connections and facilitate the transportation of goods.

Both sides encourage airlines from both countries to timely increase direct flights from Belarus to China in accordance with market principles.

6、 Both sides will further strengthen scientific and technological cooperation, encourage the establishment of joint research centers, laboratories and other platforms, increase investment in scientific and technological cooperation projects, and promote joint research and development of new technologies in fields such as artificial intelligence and 5G.

The primary measure to promote innovation cooperation is to carry out joint research and innovation. Both sides support the establishment of joint centers and enterprises to assist in the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements between the two countries.

Both sides reaffirmed the importance of implementing joint science and technology plans and projects within the framework of the "the Belt and Road" initiative and regional organizations such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Both sides are willing to expand academic research cooperation at the bilateral level and within regional multilateral mechanisms such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia.

7、 Both sides will strengthen cooperation in the fields of defense, justice, law enforcement, and security, deepen cooperation including military personnel training, joint efforts to combat transnational crime, and terrorism, and jointly prevent the "color revolution".

8、 The two sides will carry out exchanges and cooperation in disaster prevention and mitigation, safe production, emergency rescue, exchange training, information sharing, rescue drills and other activities, and deepen practical cooperation within the framework of the international cooperation mechanism for natural disaster prevention and emergency management of the "the Belt and Road".

9、 Both sides are willing to strengthen practical cooperation in the fields of green, low-carbon, and sustainable development, and jointly promote the formation of a new pattern of harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.

Both sides are willing to strengthen the construction of a greenhouse gas statistical accounting and monitoring system, establish a greenhouse gas emission trading market, promote cooperation in adapting to climate change, and green climate investment and financing.

10、 Both sides are willing to further strengthen cultural exchanges and expand cooperation in areas such as culture, tourism, sports, film and television, and media.

Both sides will continue to support young people from both countries in learning each other's languages, expand language teaching cooperation, and further develop the Belarus Research Center established in China and the Confucius Institute established in Belarus. Both sides will work together to establish a regional Chinese language research center in Belarus.

11、 The Bai side agrees with the Chinese side's proposal of the common values of peace, development, fairness, justice, democracy, and freedom for all mankind. Both sides will jointly uphold the international system with the United Nations at its core and the basic norms of international relations based on the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter. Adhering to the spirit of San Francisco, they will continue to strengthen coordination and cooperation within the framework of the United Nations, exchange views and coordinate positions on major international and regional issues in a timely manner. We firmly oppose all forms of hegemonism and power politics, including the implementation of illegal unilateral sanctions and restrictive measures against other countries, and work together to build a new type of international relations, deepen and expand global partnerships of equality, openness, and cooperation, and work together to build a community with a shared future for mankind.

Both sides strongly condemn any attempt to replace existing international rules, order, and mechanisms, undermine the basic content of the United Nations Charter, and reaffirm their commitment to promoting the international community to consolidate the principles of the rule of law in international relations based on recognized principles and norms of international law, and to support each other in reducing the negative impact of illegal unilateral restrictive measures.

12、 Both sides are deeply concerned about the prolonged armed conflict in the region and look forward to Ukraine restoring peace as soon as possible to avoid the escalation of the crisis. Both sides are willing to make efforts to restore regional peace.

13、 The White Party agrees with China's new development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing, and supports China's global development initiative. The Chinese side appreciates Belarus joining the Group of Friends of the Global Development Initiative. Both sides believe that development is an important driving force for countries to achieve prosperity, and agree to further strengthen cooperation in key areas within the framework of global development initiatives to achieve sustainable development goals.

The White Party supports China's global security initiative. Both sides are committed to close collaboration in regional and global security affairs, and unanimously agree to strengthen coordination on global security initiatives to jointly address global challenges such as terrorism, climate change, cybersecurity, and biosecurity.

14、 Both sides will continue to carry out comprehensive cooperation within multiple frameworks such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia. China supports Belarus to become a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization as soon as possible.

Republic of Belarus, People's Republic of China

Chairman, President

March 1, 2023 in Beijing