Davos Co Chairman Chuanfu: BYD uses innovation to benefit the next generation

2019-08-01 11:20

Regarding BYD's future, Chuanfu stated at the Summer Davos Forum that BYD hopes to change the world with technology. As one of the few companies in the world that can provide comprehensive solutions for new energy, Chuanfu will promote the vertical transformation of green transportation modes in the next five to ten years, thereby benefiting the next generation.

On June 26th, the 2016 Summer Davos Forum with the theme of "The Fourth Industrial Revolution - The Power of Transformation" opened in Tianjin. More than 1700 leaders, politicians, enterprises, scholars, and media representatives from more than 90 countries around the world attended the grand event. During the three-day conference, global elites held over 200 forums to discuss topics such as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, economic development and transformation, and corporate innovation.

BYD Chairman Chuanfu, as the co chair of this summer Davos Forum, attended the event. During the event, he participated in an interactive meeting between the Chinese Premier and outstanding corporate representatives, and delivered a keynote speech at the "Green Energy Driving Future Change" sub forum.

During the conversation, Mr. Chuanfu expressed brilliant views on topics that have received widespread attention, such as enterprise innovation in the new normal of the economy, strategic formulation in the process of enterprise transformation, and future trends in transportation development. His insights are unique, witty, and witty, with a series of witty words.

Last year, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in China increased by more than three times year-on-year, with sales exceeding 300000 units. According to Chuanfu, the turning point of new energy vehicle sales has reached, and there will be a surge. "Last year, the sales of new energy vehicles reached 300000 units, accounting for 1.3%. It may take ten years from 0 to 1%, but five years from 1% to 10% may be enough. This 1% is the turning point, and the proportion of new energy vehicle sales in 2025 may reach 30% of total sales."

When it comes to technological innovation, Chuanfu vividly compares it to BYD having 15000 engineers who are engaged in a lot of technological research and integration innovation. This is like a fish pond, with many fish. When the market needs it, we will catch one.

Not only new energy vehicles, BYD will also lay out three-dimensional green transportation, "doing something to solve urban congestion problems." Chuanfu said, "BYD is laying out an Airbus plan. Airbus is a transportation network connected by multiple pillars at a height of 510 meters above the ground in the city. The project cost is only one sixth of that of the subway. The 4.4 kilometer Airbus line currently built in the BYD factory in Shenzhen will be put into trial operation in September this year to alleviate the traffic problems of 50000 employees in the factory.".

For BYD, the significance of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is self-evident. Unlike the battery and new energy vehicle sectors commonly seen by the general public, BYD has currently built a set of new energy service solutions based on core new energy technologies worldwide, covering "photovoltaic power generation - intelligent storage - green transportation." From the layout of new energy vehicles ten years ago to the implementation of the three major green dream strategies, BYD hopes to use technology to change the world and people's lives. BYD is a tech man and also very low-key, but in using technology and action, it does high-profile things that are beneficial to humanity and the next generation.

After the forum conversation, Chuanfu talked about corporate strategic transformation: Enterprises must have precise strategies in the development process, strategies must serve society, and strategies should be formulated from a technical perspective. In the process of executing strategies, facing doubts and misunderstandings, persistence is important. Do the right thing, don't give up, victory always comes in the last moment!